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Iya Foods is committed to doing our part to be environmentally sustainable and responsible. Whats does this mean for us?

  • Growers – we buy local when possible and we source from growers that use environmentally responsible growing methods
  • Production – Energy efficient and environmentally responsible
  • Our locations – we use energy efficient power and follow a strong recycling policy
  • Future plans – Use of non-polluting, renewable energy resources safe for our communities, future generations and planet

Our Impact

  • Promote nourishing African inspired ingredients, products & brands
  • Reduce poverty by
  • Reducing produce loss by creating sustainable export eco-systems
  • Support job creation with sustainable incomes
  • Ensure value created is value shared
  • Portray the best of Africa’s culture & contribute towards strengthening our global food community
  • United States

  • Foster stronger food connections between United States and Africa for the future
  • Nourishing product innovation using African inspired recipes
  • Support job creation in Illinois as a small food business

Our Mission

Iya Foods’ mission is to provide nourishing foods

  • Our Foods: Stay true to our origins & culture of food purity, nourishment & exceptional taste
  • Our Customers: Provide new ways to eat old favorites
  • Our Business: Grow profitably & inclusively
  • Our Partners: Enjoy shared prosperity, & integrity of purpose
  • Our Community – Foster socially responsible food connections

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