Our Story


Good Food starts with Good Ingredients


To Share Love through food.

love of Customers

Love of Customers

Tasty, nourishing & easy-to-use

love of Children

Love of Children

Helping to end childhood hunger.

love of Farmers

Love of Farmers

Shared prosperity & integrity of purpose.

love of Planet

Love of Planet

Sustainable ingredients & innovation

Innovating with African Superfoods

More about African Superfoods – These are farm grown, good food! Also grown in other parts of the world; these superfoods have become an essential part of sustainable food resources and innovation. A good example is Cassava - Nigeria is the #1 grower of cassava, but it is also grown in South America and Asia etc.  These plant-based foods such as cassava, fonio, tigernut, spices, herbs and peppers are delicious and versatile.

At Iya – what we do is create everyday foods with a touch of innovation using African superfoods for nourishment and extra flavor. Let’s Eat!


Exciting, delicious flavors


Nutrient-rich foods

Easy to Use

Easy to enjoy!

Learn more about our African superfoods & ingredients here.

Iya's Impact

We believe in sharing and in giving:

  • Good Food Innovation
Innovating for our customers
  • African Superfoods
More flavors, extra nourishment  
  • Reduce Hunger
Joining efforts to end childhood hunger    
  • Protect the Planet
Sustainable farming & ingredients
  • Shared Prosperity & Integrity of Purpose
An inclusive ecosystem & fair trade