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TigerNut Meal

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Ingredients - Tiger Nuts
Ancient superfood
Delicious  raw, vegan, prehistoric, paleo flour meal made entirely out of Tigernuts. 
Its not a nut, It's a small root vegetable known for its chewey yet creamy, nutty, earthy taste. 
Great in breakfast porridge, baking, smoothies & lots more 
    • All-Natural
    • No grain
    • No gluten
    • No preservatives
    • No additives 
    • No added color

    Made from a small root vegetable; an edible tuber of a plant called yellow Nutsedge. 

    Deliciously nutrient rich; Tigernuts are tubers that date back millions of years and were used as a common food source during the paleolithic era in Africa. Today, it remains a great source of nourishment in many parts of West Africa & Spain. In America, It is a fast growing favorite among paleo foodies.

    Fun fact: Tigernuts get their nickname from their faint stripes and nutty taste. You can create delicious food that tastes creamy and nutty but has ZERO diary or nuts. 

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    • Gluten-free baking mixes & breads
    • Cookies & snack bars
    • Pancakes & waffles
    • Great in breakfast porridge
    • Use in smoothies 

    To make Tigernut breakfast porridge:

    Ingredients (4 Servings):

    • 1 cup Tigernut
    • 1 cup oatmeal
    • 1 cup quinoa or any other desired meal mix


    1. Mix all ingredients in a pot (can use instant pot or crock pot for ease)
    2. Steam cook for at least 20 minutes
    3. Serve hot with preferred milk & toppings