One-Pot Simmer Extra Spicy - Case of 6  (Bulk)
One-Pot Simmer Extra Spicy - Case of 6  (Bulk)
One-Pot Simmer Extra Spicy - Case of 6  (Bulk)


One-Pot Simmer Extra Spicy - Case of 6 (Bulk)

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Our one-pot sauces are all-natural, free of preservatives and msg. A ready-to-eat, savory combination of slow roasted peppers, clean beef stock, tomatoes, onions & spices. Just add your favorite protein, vegetables & rice/grain/root vegetables for a warm tasty meal. Proudly MADE IN USA in a Green Leed certified facility

Our tasty sauces are versatile and easily customizable. To create a delicious one-pot, bowl style dish, simply combine your favorite protein, vegetable and carbohydrate/root vegetables with the sauce and let simmer for a few minutes. Serve hot!

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To make sauce - Heat up and serve with rice, potatoes or vegetables

To make stew -

  1. Add cooked meat, chicken or seafood
  2. Add cooked vegetables and/or potatoes as desired
  3. Let simmer with simmer sauce for a few minutes - Serve hot

Here’s a popular twist: Stir in some one-pot sauce into eggs & scramble for a tasty twist on scrambled eggs.