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Gluten Free Baking Flour Blend

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Our blend of six different nutritious flours resulted in the ultimate, all-purpose flour mix. It is a Gluten-Free, Kosher, and Non-GMO flour designed to replace wheat flour cup for cup. Enjoy this easy-to-use mix in all your gluten free recipes.

  • REAL INGREDIENTS – Iya’s Wheat Flour Swap is made with a blend of six nutritious flours (Cassava Flour, Potato Flour, Brown Rice Flour, Fonio Flour, and Tapioca Flour). Our baking flour blend has no added sugar, dairy, or gums; and is always free from bleach, color, additives, and anything artificial.
  • FREE OF TOP 9 ALLERGENS – Each batch is tested and verified to ensure that our flour is free from milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame, wheat, and soybeans. Transform any recipe with peace of mind as our blend is certified Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, and Kosher.
  • 1:1 SWAP –Iya’s Wheat Flour Swap is the ultimate gluten-free flour alternative. Replace wheat flour cup for cup with this perfectly formulated, easy to use, pantry staple. Easily recreate all your most-loved recipes and check out our website to see our gluten-free favorites!
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – Iya’s Wheat Flour Swap contains super flour fonio, which has 3x more fiber, protein, and calcium than most whole grains. Try using for cookies, cake, muffins, brownies, or even use it to thicken sauces and gravy. Best for non-yeast recipes.
  • IYA FOODS – Iya believes in using nutrient-rich foods to create exciting and delicious flavors. Our mission focuses on wellness for everyone by providing access to quality, nutritious, foods that are free from harmful chemicals and over processing.
Cassava Flour, Rice Flour, Potato Flour, Brown Rice Flour, Fonio Flour, and Tapioca Flour.
Our blend of nutritious flours is the perfect multi-purpose gluten-free flour mix. Make your favorite baked goods, or use it to thicken your gravy and soups.
  • Pancakes & Waffles
  • Muffins & Biscuits
  • Pizza Dough
  • Cakes & Cookies
  • Bread
  • Brownies
  • Soups, Gravies, & Sauces

How do I Use Iya’s Gluten-Free Baking Flour?

It can be used for both cooking and baking. Use as instructed for gluten-free recipes or swap wheat flour cup for cup in any non-yeast recipes. Substitute 1:1 ratio by weight or volume.

Do you have recipe tips?

To adapt yeast recipes, try using baking powder and apple cider vinegar for rising. 

What is included in the mix?

Our Gluten-Free baking mix includes a blend of 6 nourishing flours. Cassava Flour is made from yuca root and is creamy in texture with a near-neutral taste. Fonio Flour is made 100% with fonio, a nutritious super grain that has 3x the fiber, protein, and calcium content than most grains. Potato Flour is made with 100% U.S. grown potatoes. Brown Rice Flour is made with 100% brown rice. Rice Flour is made with 100% premium grain rice. Tapioca Flour is made from 100% yuca root.

What can I learn about Iya Foods?

Iya Foods believes that good food comes from good ingredients. Our foods are delicious, nutritious, and created for ingredient-conscious consumers who are focused on overall well-being. As consumer demand for bold and exciting flavor grows, Iya continues to meet this demand through innovation and a focus on a food ecosystem that is sustainable, climate change resilient, and affordable.