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Steak Suya with Roasted Peanuts Seasoning

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  • Made 100% from Only Food – Herbs, Peppers, Spices and De-fatted Dark Roasted Peanuts, Free from msg, preservatives, additives, color or anything artificial
  • Yaji is Africa’s Most Popular Steak Rub – Also called ‘suya’, these juicy grilled beef skewers are the most popular street food in Nigeria, West Africa. A beef lover’s delight; every bite as an experience!
  • Authentic African Recipe Dating back Centuries – Authentic African Suya (grilled steak) includes roasted peanuts, a key authentic ingredient. This one is for those who want to enjoy the real thing.
  • Know Your Spices – Many spices do not list all their ingredients. At Iya Foods, we list everything.
  • Many uses – Mainly for beef skewers but also delicious on chicken, goat, lamb or seafood
    De-oiled ground peanuts brown, Sweet Paprika Ground, Cayenne pepper, Ginger, Dehydrated Honey, Onion, Grains of Selim Pepper (Udah), Nutritional Yeast, Garlic, Salt

    Enhance your main dishes, proteins, and hearty stews with natural ingredients straight from Mother Earth.

    • Chicken & poultry
    • Beef, goat, & lamb
    • Shrimp & other seafood
    • Rice, pasta, potatoes
    • One-Pot authentic house blends
    • No msg, preservatives, additives, fillers or color
    • Herbs, Peppers & Spices only
    • World famous rub for mouth watering roasted or flame grilled chicken
    • Popular in Europe & Africa
    • Non-irradiated
    • What African Superfoods Are In Piri Piri Seasoning?

    Turmeric: Used in Asian, Indian, and African cuisines, this golden spice enhances any dish or beverage Paradise Pepper (Alligator Pepper): Ground red-brown seeds derived from the plant aframomum melegueta Selim Pepper (Udah): Ground seeds from an African shrubby tree (Xylopia aethiopica) Yellow Pepper: Found in temperate regions, this versatile ingredient is used in cuisines worldwide Whole Red Chili (African Birdseye Pepper): One of the hottest peppers in the world with 175,000 SHU Uziza Leaf: Ground seeds cultivated from dried Benin fruit