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Jollof Rice Seasoning 2-5 oz pack, No MSG, No Preservatives

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This 15+ spice blend draws inspiration from decades of family traditions in West Africa mixed in with delicious wholesome goodness of select ingredients from the United. Here’s a list of the top spices in our Jollof Rice: 

  1. African Red Chili Pepper – Naturally bright red, potent aromatic powerhouse of benefits
  2. Turmeric – 100% turmeric with high curcumin content. No color added, additives or short cuts
  3. Thyme – A timeless ancient herb with a slightly minty sweet aroma with warm herbal notes
  4. Cumin – Adds a strong earthy, nutty, spicy flavor with warm undertones
  5. Coriander –A sensual musky aroma blessed with a citrus hint and raw earthly notes
  6. Fenugreek – A complex spice with a maple syrupy like sweet-bitterness when combined with other spices
  7. Cloves –On its own, distinctly intense and strong, with other spices, its warm and balanced
  8. Ginger – Same as ginger grown centuries ago, pure and potent in taste, aroma and nutritional benefits
  9. Garlic – Pure garlicky goodness, so good; you’ll taste a hint of it in every bite
  10. Onion –Sweet and aromatic, pleasing to the senses
  11. African Nutmeg – Rich aroma, flavor and undertone to slightly extend the enjoyment in every bite
  12. Black Pepper – Aromatic & sharp penetrating aroma great for one-pot meals
  13. Paprika – A balancing pepper; mildly spicy and slightly sweet aromatic flavor
  14. Dehydrated Honey – The sweet, smoky, woody flavor of honey complements the other ingredients
  15. Salt – Just a little for taste. Our sodium content is significantly lower than others


Jollof Rice Seasoning

Spiciness Scale:

Moderately spicy

A delicately crafted blend of spices perfect for Jollof Rice pilaf; a tasty, ever-so-slightly smoky, tomato & pepper rice dish you can enjoy on its own or with several sides. This one-pot rice dish is a classic favorite in many West African homes such as Nigeria, Ghana, and Senegal. It is so delicious you will find several similar dishes in other African countries, Spain, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Brazil.

Rice, riced cauliflower, and riced vegetables, in general, are bland without any seasoning. Not anymore! With our seasoning, you can have a tasty rice dish in minutes. At Iya Foods, we love cooking with different ingredients to determine which matches best for delicious flavor. Our Jollof Rice seasoning will transform your rice!

View all of our recipes on our blog!


How to enjoy:

  • Rice – all types: white, long grain, short grain, basmati
  • Riced Cauliflower or any riced vegetables
  • Stir Fry Rice Dishes
  • Instant Pot Rice
  • One-Pot Rice


    Iya Foods Spices FAQs:
  • How do you come up with your spice recipes? What can we say, we are awesome!
  • Are your spices made from realfood? If it doesn’t grow on earth, it’s not in our spices! All our spices are 100% food.
  • Are your spices spicy? Yes. Most are medium spicy. A few such as Iya Foods Yellow Pepper is hot!
  • Are your spices flavorful? Packed with amazing delicious flavor that will enliven any dish
  • Are your spices irradiated? No. We steam sterilize so all nutrients are preserved for you.
  • Are your spices & seasonings versatile? Very! Use in One-Pot dishes, soups, rice, eggs, beans, stir frys, roasts, grilling, cauliflower & other veggies.
  • Do you have recipes?A lot! Recipes are below

What is Jollof Rice Seasoning 2-5 oz pack, No MSG, No Preservatives ?

  1. Herbs, Peppers & Spices – A real food spice blend made with herbs, peppers, honey and spices grown in the US and select farmers in Africa
  2. West African Authentic House Rice Blend – Authentic and unique blend with every ingredient carefully selected for its uniquely rich flavor and balance
  3. Our #1 Focus is Nourishment - All our spices are non-irradiated, free from additives, msg, preservatives, color or anything artificial. A powerhouse of nutrients to help boost our body’s defenses.
  4. Know your spices! Many spice brands do not list all their ingredients. At Iya Foods, we list everything
  5. Delicious uses: Great with rice, riced cauliflower or vegetables, and one-pot dishes

Nutritional Facts

  • One-Pot authentic house blends Herbs,
  • Peppers & Spices only
  • Aromatic Bold Flavor for Wholesome Savory Soups
  • Free from grains, gluten, preservatives, added color, and additives. Nothing artificial ever!