Wholesome Pepper-Soup

Wholesome Pepper-Soup Recipe

Makes about 4 servings

  •    ¼ lbs beef (can swap with chicken, goat, lamb or seafood)
  •    3 tsp pepper-soup seasoning
  •    4 cups water (can use beef, chicken or vegetable broth)
  •    1 cup chopped onions
  •    2 cups fresh or frozen vegetables such as Kale or spinach
  •    2 cups diced potatoes or yams
  •    ¼ cup diced peppers–any type you like
  •    1 tsp sea salt
  • Fully cook your beef, chicken, goat or lamb (for seafood skip this step) then set aside
  • In separate pot–Add water or broth, pepper-soup seasoning, chopped onions, salt & potatoes - boil on medium heat for 20 mins (for seafood boil for 5-10 mins)
  • Add diced pepper and vegetables–taste for salt and add more if needed. Simmer for 5 mins–serve hot
HINT: To use instant pots or crock pots–just toss all ingredients and allow to slow cook according to crock pot directions for soup.