Nigerian Grilled Steak Suya

Makes about 8 servings:


• 1 lbs. skirt steak

• 1 medium red onion

• 3 medium tomatoes

• Iya Foods Grilled Steak Suya Seasoning (either the one with No Peanuts or Roasted Peanuts)


1. Completely coat the steak (Hint: can use fish, chicken, goat or lamb) with Iya foods grilled steak seasoning

2. Place on skewers (alternate with onions, tomato and pepper slices if desired). Can skip skewers and just grill without

3. Roast or grill as desired (better medium to cooked)

4. Once cooked, chop up and roll in burrito style with foil – then sit and enjoy!

Serve hot with freshly sliced onions and tomatoes if desired

In many West African countries, Grilled Steak Suya is served with a cold beer or a any drink of your choice